Patient of the Month: Benita Gorgas

Benita Gorgas is our June patient of the month!

A parking enforcement officer, Benita was on the job this past winter, taking a picture of a parking sign. It was a cold, very windy day, and she was under time restrictions. As she hurriedly turned on the sidewalk, she tripped over an uneven crack in the concrete. Benita fell hard on her left knee, and unfortunately suffered a torn meniscus. 

Benita’s doctor referred her to Genesis, where she met with Mr. Douglas and Dr. Horner. Of her experience with the professionals at Genesis, Benita relayed that she has never in her life met nurses and doctors who were so nice, and “not just because it’s their job, but because they have such down-to-earth personalities.” She says that the folks she has interacted with at Genesis “treat you with respect; they laugh and joke with you, they don’t treat you like a patient – they treat you like family.”

Dr. Horner suggested trying physical therapy before pursuing surgery for her knee. She is currently in physical therapy, and will follow up with Dr. Horner soon, as she continues to experience knee pain even with PT and wearing an orthopedic brace.

While we are sorry to know that Benita is still experiencing symptoms from her knee injury, we are pleased that she has had such a positive and welcoming experience at Genesis. As for Benita, she notes that she “loves going there [to Genesis]… once I’m well, I’m going to miss them!”

From all of us here at Genesis, we wish Benita the best in her road to recovery, and thank her for trusting us with her care! 


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