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Your shoulder has three main bones. There is the collar bone (clavicle), shoulder blade (scapula), and the upper arm bone (humerus). The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint between the shoulder blade and arm bone that is critical to the immense mobility of your shoulders. It is supplemented by the AC joint, which is located between the shoulder blade and collar bone, and is critical for the gliding motion between these two bones.The shoulder is further reinforced by a critical cup of cartilage called the labrum. Altogether, the rotator cuff consists of four tendons which surround the shoulder capsule and keep the upper arm bone attached to the shoulder blade. All of these components of your shoulder are working hand in hand to help you move with the strength and stability that you are accustomed to, and we at Genesis are committed to helping that continue.

You likely use these joints and bones in your shoulder ever single day, without even realizing the complicated process going on behind the scenes. From filling up your gas, to using your cell phone, your daily actions require the movement of your shoulder. Suddenly, when pain begins to develop or you suffer an unexpected injury, you can’t move like you used to. We, at Genesis, think this is a serious problem. We believe first step to solving this is with a shoulder arthroscopy, helping us identify the cause of your pain and even treat it in a succinct and less-invasive way. 

 An arthroscopy is a procedure that we do at Genesis to diagnose and treat issues within a joint. It is primarily used as a diagnostic tool, to identify the cause of your pain or issues with shoulder mobility. However, our surgeons can also complete minor procedures, all while only making a small incision in your shoulder and preventing any kind of long recovery period.  Here, at Genesis, we utilize the advances of modern medicine to complete more efficient and effective shoulder arthroscopies. The shoulder joint is a very complex joint that is critical to your daily movement and freedom, and we have both the experience and skill to help bring you back to feeling like yourself again. We believe that all people should have the ability to live their life to the fullest, and we model our care of diagnosis and treatment around providing ethically-priced patient-oriented care!

During a shoulder arthroscopy, the surgeon uses fluid to inflate the join, making it easier to see the inside of your shoulder without causing you pain. The surgeon then can make a very small incision, contrary to the larger incisions used in open surgeries; this less intensive method of surgery allows for reduced recovery time and pain after surgery. These small incisions are used to insert an arthroscope into your shoulder. This miniature camera displays images from inside of your shoulder, allowing the surgeon to gauge more accurately any kind of join, bone or cartilage issue that may exist with the complicated shoulder joint. In fact, if any of these are noticed, the surgeon can solve them with the minor incisions they have already made. Using small, yet very precise tools, the surgeon can use the arthroscopy images to accurately complete cleanups of your shoulder and correct/remove anything out of place. Lastly, your small incisions would be closed with stitches or a soft bandage, setting you on the path to recovery and feeling strong once again. The pain you’ve come to expect doesn’t have to be the norm. You can feel the same strength and stability you had ten years ago. With our advanced imaging techniques, precise cleaning, and enhanced therapy model, Genesis is able to provide affordable, high quality care to help you to move freely again. Our experienced orthopedic surgeons have both skill and experience with shoulder arthroscopy surgeries . Combined with our advanced techniques and technology, Genesis separates itself as the choice for anyone seeking an ethically-priced shoulder arthroscopy. 

A shoulder arthroscopy is recommended for those who have shoulder pain that hasn’t recovered when treated with nonsurgical treatment such as rest, medications, or physical therapy. Inflammation and stiffness is a sign of injury to your shoulder joint, and another good indicator of shoulder arthroscopy being needed. This procedure can help reduce the common effects of injury and wear and tear. Some of the procedures completed during the procedure include rotator cuff repair, ligament repair, and removal of inflamed tissue.  

We take advantage of modern medicine here at Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, and take steps to ensure you have the most pain-free and effective shoulder arthroscopy experience possible. In fact, we promise to take all necessary precautions to reduce pain, any operation complications, and reduce recovery time so that you can get back to doing the things you love. 

"Thank you for seeing and caring for our daughter, Janie on such short notice. She felt so comfortable with you and you were a great encouragement to her."

“You’re so kind! You’re so skilled! You’re so helpful! You’re so needed! Thank you for putting me back together. Thank you so much for helping me feel better.”

"I just want to thank you for a wonderful job on my shoulder and bicep muscle. Your staff is A-1 in my book."

Working towards pain-free shoulder movement

From using your shoulder over time or a surprise injury, you may lose the ability to move freely. It happens! This pain doesn’t have to last. Here at Genesis we are committed to empowering you to move freely again and bring you back to feeling confident in your body. 

That’s exactly what we’re about here at Genesis: offering ethically-priced care to help you move freely again. We strongly believe the power of modern medicine should be used to help your shoulder feel strong and stable again.

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"What should I expect after a shoulder arthroscopy?"

"Correctly-performed surgery by expert medical professionals is the key to everything here"

A typical patient should expect:

  • You will be out of the hospital after 1 to 2 hours in the operating room  
  • You will have pain for several days after surgery, which can be relieved by ice or prescribed medication
  • You may need a sling to immobilize your shoulder, to allow for faster recovery
  •  A rehabilitation program will help you recover stronger and faster, with time length varying by level of shoulder arthroscopy

Your care, comfort and recovery are our top priorities here at Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Our leading shoulder arthroscopy model allows us to provide effective care, swiftly identifying the cause of pain and not requiring repeat procedures. We work with you to explain the entire surgery and then collaboratively decide upon a model of care post-surgery that reduces swelling, prevents infection, and brings you back to feeling like yourself. Although complications are not very common with shoulder arthroscopy, the most common types are excessive bleeding, infection, or damage to blood vessels. These are mitigated by our extremely precise arthroscopy model that utilizes modern imaging techniques alongside trained and experiences surgeons. We take all precautions to reduce any chance of these complications, and are primarily focused on your pain relief and long-term health. We are confident our shoulder arthroscopy will provide long-term recovery.

"This place is AMAZING! I LOVE these guys!!! Best at everything!!!"

"The whole team at Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is as professional as they get! My appointments are timely and informative. They excel at explaining the diagnosis and the treatment. They are such a happy group of people – I look forward to going to the office and being taken care of... Really love Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine!"

After just one day in surgery, you can be on track to recovering from the shoulder pain that you never thought would go away

With our modern shoulder arthroscopy model, we can identify the cause of your pain and complete minor procedures, bringing back the energy and strength you haven't had in years. You will be able to once again enjoy the active and healthy lifestyle that you deserve.

Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is right around the corner, and we are committed to serving our patients with the personalized, patient-oriented shoulder care you need. Our promise to provide high quality, ethical, and affordable care is the basis of our work, and we are committed to ensuring  your shoulder arthroscopy is as smooth as possible.

With just a 15 minute consultation, you could realize the affordability and reliability of our care, giving your body what it has always been asking for – the ability to move freely again

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We follow a rigorous protocol designed by our doctors to ensure that our clinic is COVID-safe. Every surface is disinfected, and you will have contact only with your doctor or physician assistant during your visit.

Our three-step approach to customized shoulder arthroscopy

Our work consists of three simple steps: evaluation, treatment, and recovery.

Shoulder Pain Arthroscopy

Quick understanding of the nature of your problem

You first book an appointment with our expert medical team to discuss your shoulder pain and its nature. With this understanding, we can create a plan of care together, and determine if shoulder arthroscopy is necessary.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

If surgery is necessary, we perform surgery

We don’t want to perform as many surgeries as possible. We want to simply match your health care needs with the most effective care we have to offer. If surgery is required for a an effective and lasting solution to your problem, we go ahead and schedule surgery, accommodating your schedule and needs first and foremost

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Post-op recovery is simple and painfree

Our promise to you is that you’ll walk out of surgery, with a plan for post-operative physical therapy that will strengthen your shoulders and facilitate a full shoulder arthroscopy recovery

Your shoulder pain could be
gone for good

Get in touch with us today to book your first appointment! Our medical team would be happy to determine the nature of your shoulder problem and discuss a shoulder arthroscopy. We would talk you through the surgical process, and decide if it might be a good fit for you. (And of course, if surgery isn't the best course of treatment, we'll be the first to recommend an alternative treatment that may be more effective!).

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    We follow a rigorous protocol designed by our doctors to ensure that our clinic is COVID-safe. Every surface is disinfected, and you will have contact only with your doctor or physician assistant during your visit.

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