Virtual Physical Therapy

Virtual Physical Therapy

Each year a significant portion of the population will suffer from some type of orthopedic issue – whether neck, back, hand/wrist, or another body part. Quick recovery is a key component of a successful treatment – it lets patients return to their lives sooner and stronger than ever. That’s why we’ve begun powering a new experience around virtual physical therapy, to enable patients to perform their physical therapy from the comfort and ease of their own homes (no more painful trips to the physical therapist!). We’re all about personalized, holistic solutions that address barriers to success.

  • Our techniques are rooted in evidence: PT pathways are created by a renowned clinical team using the best evidence
  • It’s enabled by technology: a mobile app serves as the primary point of contact for your physical therapy experience
  • Motivational coaches and physical therapists are integrated within the experience for personalized support

This new approach paves the way for a future where each individual embraces a personalized journey of physical, emotional, and mental recovery from musculoskeletal conditions. In this future, every individual has the resources, motivation, and confidence to “get back out there”.

Here’s what some patients have said about the virtual physical therapy approach:

“The platform is the epitome of what future consumer health should be. It’s a health platform that is easy, obvious, and medically sound. I would start my day going through the exercises after I received an alert each morning. I attribute my complete recovery to the platform.”

– Ann J., fractured shoulder

“Going through the platform is a piece of cake. The program is easy to use and easy to access. The exercises are designed specifically for me and the instructions are not difficult to follow.”

– Frank D., hip replacement

“It was like taking my physical therapist with me everywhere I went. I could access my rehab sessions whenever and wherever I wanted. All I needed to do was log in and start exercising. If the exercises were too hard, the program would automatically adjust the next rehab session to be slightly easier. I think that this is the future of physical therapy. The ability to do rehabilitation anywhere for significantly less is impressive.”

– Dick B., rotator cuff injury

If you’re interested in pursuing virtual physical therapy, ask your Genesis provider for more information or submit an appointment request on this page.

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