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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Allow us to introduce ourselves – we’re Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

Our goal is simple: free our patients to be more active, more athletic, and to move freely in their bodies – accessible to everyone, not just the select few. That our patients, regardless of walk of life, move more freely, function better, and experience life to the full.

Thriving in the world requires mobility and freedom from pain, but our healthcare system often makes quality orthopedic care inaccessible to many who need it most – those on all public healthcare plans or those who lack insurance. We won’t be able to solve our present orthopedic challenges with a care delivery model designed in the past.

Our national capacity for medical care is remarkable – and our current system is underestimating it. We need a new orthopedic model, one where we value human beings regardless of economic status. Where pricing is ethical, not exploitative. Where recovery is expedited, and surgery is a last resort, not a preferential revenue source.

If we’re going to push healthcare forward, we need to be cut loose from the old model that just doesn’t work anymore. We don’t need more high-cost orthopedic care. We need something new: high-quality, ethically-priced orthopedic care.

Our practice is fortunate to have deep experience in this non-traditional way of thinking. After 17 years of conventional practice, four years ago we went back to the drawing board and asked ourselves what needs to change to serve everyone, not just the lucky few who could afford our services. We reinvented the care delivery model, trying different ideas until we discovered a blueprint for delivering the high-quality care our reputation was known for, while also making the prices more ethical and affordable. It took hundreds of hours of studying other models world-wide, conversations, and research, but we cracked the code.

Everyone deserves access to a healthcare environment tailored to their unique situations and problems – but right now these opportunities aren’t evenly distributed. Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine can be a powerful vehicle for creating these environments, both for our patients (by delivering care) and for the broader healthcare community (by sparking conversations).

We’re thrilled you are considering Genesis Orthopedics to explore your options for addressing your orthopedic needs. Our promise is that by choosing Genesis you’ll be choosing ethical, transparent, affordable orthopedic care of the  highest-quality. It’s not either/or – it’s both/and. We are proud of what we have learned and how we are delivering on that promise.

Meaningful expansion of our vision of a renewed orthopedic space will take time. The system we have today is broken, and affordable high-quality healthcare for all is still a niche offering across the board. But we’re laser focused on giving patients everything they need to successfully resolve their orthopedic mobility and functional challenges.  We expect our model to become more popular and compelling. The conversation around healthcare is shifting. It’s about delivering excellent individualized orthopedic care, now and for decades to come – a vision we’re excited about and lean into on a daily basis. We’re buckled in for a ride into the future of equitable orthopedic care.

Thanks for considering Genesis – feel free to book an appointment if you’d like to discover more about the kind of care we offer.

For now – we’re back to work!


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