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Patient of the Month: John Dunker

Mr. John Dunker is our December Patient of the Month.  He is 83 years young and has always been active through playing polo and flying airplanes.  Before he came to Genesis as a patient, he underwent left knee replacement with a different organization that resulted in more pain and occasional weakness that causes him to fall down.

He then came to Genesis, looking for a better outcome for his right knee, which also needed a replacement. “When Dr. Shadid did my knee I went in in the morning and I was out that night. When [the other organization] did the left one, I was there from the 12th through the 28th of February! I couldn’t say enough good about Genesis. They delivered what they promised.” He underwent physical therapy, with the bulk of the work being focused on his previous knee replacement, saying “they were working with the left knee, because the left one is causing all the problems.” He is still struggling with pain and lack of control with the first replacement, while reporting no problems whatsoever with the knee that Dr. Shadid operated on.

Mr. Dunker wants all patients to do their research and advocate for themselves, as well as choose the best possible providers. “I would recommend anybody to be an informed patient – I mean, if you’re going in for any sort of a joint replacement or anything like that, do your homework. With the outcome of what Genesis did with my right leg, I couldn’t be happier.”