Biceps Tendon Tear

Biceps Tendon Tear


The biceps muscle is located in the front of the upper arm. It is the muscle that allows bending of the elbow and stability in the shoulder. There are multiple tendons that attach the biceps muscle to the bones of the elbow and the bones of the shoulder. A tear or rupture of one of these tendons can occur from heavy lifting or overuse resulting in pain, swelling, change in arm contour and/or weakness. When a tendon tear occurs, the individual may hear a “pop” while exerting his or herself. There are two tendons that attach the biceps muscle to the shoulder. The long head tendon attaches the muscle to the top of the shoulder and the short head tendon attaches it to the shoulder blade. Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine provides a very safe and effective surgery and treatment options for a biceps tear.

Treatment Options:

Physical Therapy

Consult a physician at Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine for a recommended physical therapy plan. Therapy is conducted with the goal of decreasing the pain of a biceps tendon tear, restoring the shoulder’s proper range of motion, and helping it gradually regain strength.


The physicians at Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine can perform tenodesis to re-attach the tendon to the humerus. First, they will have to perform arthoroscopic debridement to remove debris from the area. Next, they will perform tenodesis either through open surgery or arthroscopically depending on the nature of the injury. Tenodesis is usually performed in conjunction with tears of the rotator cuff.

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