Patient of the Month: Yousef Elayyan

Yousef Elayyan

Our Patient of the Month for April is Yousef Elayyan! 

Mr. Elayyan is a mechanic with over 25 years of experience and his knees and shoulders suffered from repetitive motion and stress. When he arrived at Genesis he received PRP and cortisone shots. The PRP shots helped his knees, while the cortisone was better on his shoulder.

“In the beginning I had a few shots, three or four on each knee, and it did help me, but it only helped for a while. Then I started getting the pain again, but I think it’s just my job in general, the repetition.” He also did a couple of months of physical therapy. As time progressed, the pain came back and Mr. Elayyan is in the process of deciding on exploratory surgery to find out more about his condition and in order to make a long term plan for his recovery.

Recently he noticed that while he was on vacation, the pain that is always with him subsided greatly, which supports the idea that his work is a major factor in his joint pain. “At the end of the week (of vacation) is when I noticed the actual difference, literally in one week they got better.”

Since he plans on continuing to work and he likes to be active with his four children, the insight he gains from Génesis about his condition will help him make the best decisions about his care, whether continuing with the injections or going ahead with a surgical option.

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