Patient of the Month: Sabrina Volpe

Sabrina Volpe
Our August Patient of the Month is Sabrina Volpe, a vibrant hair stylist with over 32 years of experience. All that experience took its toll on her body, and while on Christmas vacation she experienced a frozen shoulder. Her arms were limp and numb, a result of holding them up repeatedly for 10 to 12 hours daily at work. “I felt like I couldn’t even move my arms.” At Genesis she received the individualized care that she needed. “Elliott sits and listens to you. You are not just a number, he has a game plan and really listens.” After an MRI, she received three rounds of injections with maintenance shots.  “I literally was back to doing hair after my first rounds!” says Sabrina, who also adds that her husband, who used to be a semi-pro soccer player, wouldn’t go to any other orthopedic practice. She is also starting therapeutic massage to continue to improve her mobility and allow her to work without fear of another frozen shoulder. Because of her heavy workload, Elliott tailored a rehabilitation plan that suits her lifestyle. “I understand you work. But you know what, I have bands here,” he said, and developed a therapeutic exercise routine just for her. Sabrina says that he reassured her she’d be right on track and says, “He was right – it takes a full week to kick in. But within 24 hours, you don’t feel a bit tense anymore. Like I was able to lift my arms a little bit more and higher every day!” By getting the care she needed and taking steps to maintain her progress, we know that Sabrina will have the opportunity to continue the things that matter to her most. Thanks for choosing Genesis, Sabrina!

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