Patient of the Month: Rose Hollister

Rose Hollister

Our August Patient of the Month is Rose Hollister. She slipped on a rainy parking lot on November of 2018 and shattered her kneecap. Rose is extremely active so having surgery was a real challenge. “It was very important to figure out a way back to my ability to work out every day.”

She had knee treatment to reconstruct her kneecap the day after her injury and was back in the pool by Christmas. “I was able to go back and swim a mile the first time that I got in the pool. Yesterday I walked four miles. Today I swam a mile and this weekend I’ll go out and bike 25 miles.”

“I didn’t know what to expect from the process. I still feel something in my knee, but what I cared about is that I could do everything I could do before. It took some time and effort but now I can.” Rose worked hard on her rehabilitation and physical therapy with the staff at Genesis. “I was very impressed with the entire staff. They are very caring and do a great job of listening. They have a personal touch that you don’t find in many offices these days. Their quality of care and personal touch is quite impressive.”

Another impressive achievement is that Rose completed a full triathlon last September. “It was a mile swim, a 6.2-mile walk, and a 25-mile bike ride all on the same day. The fact that I am back to working out every day and can do that kind of distance makes me feel like I am fully healed.”


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