Patient of the Month: Murray Hudson

Murray Hudson

We’re excited to announce that September’s Patient of the Month is Murray Hudson.

Murray suffered from osteoarthritis of the right hip and he continued to work despite the increasing deterioration.  He managed his pain through cortisone shots but eventually they became ineffectual. When basic daily activities became impossible, Murray decided it was time to address the problem full on. “I just couldn’t deal with the pain anymore. I couldn’t sleep at night and I couldn’t do basic things like tie my shoes.”

Murray had an outpatient full hip replacement on July 9th and was giving it his all the very next day at physical therapy.  “Initially therapy was very painful, but I was used to dealing with the pain already and it didn’t really hurt any worse.” He was so enthusiastic about his recovery that his treatment team asked him to slow down! Murray’s determination is an inspiration. He says, “My recovery is up to me, the outcome depends on how hard I work and what I do is going to determine how I feel.” He started out on the stationary bike and soon was walking four blocks. He is ahead of schedule in his rehabilitation and is looking forward to the day he can go back to work, pain free. “Ultimately just going back to work is my goal but what I really want to be able to go swimming again.”

Murray has a new appreciation for life after hip surgery. “I don’t think there’s more that the doctors and therapists could’ve done for me.  Everybody was nice and told me what to expect.  They have been encouraging, telling me to keep going and it was a good overall experience. You don’t know what it is like, being in chronic pain, and then there’s no pain.”  With his dedication and hard work, he is a role model for other patients undergoing physical therapy. “It makes me feel like Superman, because every time I go to physical therapy the other patients cheer me on and tell me I’m doing great.  I’ll tell everybody the same thing: you just have to do the work.  I worked really hard to get to where I am right now, doing the hip exercises every day.” With his determination, we know we’ll see Murray at the pool soon!


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