Kim Johnson

Patient of the Month: Kim Johnson

We’re excited to announce Kim Johnson is our July patient of the month.

Before coming to Genesis, Kim had tried physical therapy for her arthritic knees, but they kept degenerating. “I was in a great deal of pain and had difficulty walking. It affected all aspects of my life. The pain was so intense I needed to use a wheelchair.” Kim was determined to change her life and be in control. She started with some small lifestyle changes that led to a healthier diet and to weight loss. Her general practitioner referred her to Genesis and Dr. Shadid, who recommended knee replacement. “Dr. Shadid was so kind. He answered all my questions, so I knew what to expect.”

Kim was delighted after her first surgery. “It was quite amazing that the procedure could be done as outpatient and that I was able to stand up and walk down the hallway that same day!” Six months after the first surgery, Kim had the second knee replaced. She worked hard at her rehabilitation and embraced knee physical therapy and her healthy lifestyle with great results. “I was hoping for better mobility, but the results were beyond my expectations! I never thought I could pedal a bike, wear a heel or dance again. I feel like the whole world has opened up to me. Now I’m looking forward to trying new things and doing all the activities I haven’t been able to do in a long time. I am really excited about this new chapter! When you have the right mindset, the right tools and the right team to help you, you never know how far you can go!”


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