Patient of the Month: George Kapustin

George Kapustin

We’re excited to announce that our October Patient of the Month is George Kapustin.

Five years ago, George couldn’t work anymore because of intense pain, which was diagnosed as sciatica-related. George, who works in construction and drives a semi-truck, had physical therapy and took medication with poor results. “I thought that pain was normal, when in fact I was just hurting myself more,” he says. At last, in a physical therapy session, one of the therapists told him that his severe limitations of movement indicated severe hip degeneration. 

George came to Genesis, where Dr. Shadid performed total replacement of his right hip.

“I woke up in the recovery room at about two o’clock and minutes later they took me down to  physical therapy. They taught me how to stand and how to sit properly. That was 45 minutes. They gave me my discharge papers and I left with a walker. Incredible.” 

George’s fantastic attitude and diminished pain have improved his life. “I can walk miles at a time without a problem. Before, I walked with a limp and I couldn’t walk far. Now I’m not limited to anything.”

Of Dr. Shadid and his team, he says “I met him before surgery and after surgery, and I couldn’t believe that it turned out this good. I’m a real skeptic and I thought, ‘It’s going to be just like before,’ and I can’t tell you how much better I feel. Now I have mobility back, and that’s the big game changer. The staff has always been incredibly helpful for me. They checked up on me, and the procedure gave me results like I never had before.  I’m really pleased with the whole thing. The surgery, the staff, everything about it. I’m thrilled.”

George is an inspiration of grit and determination As he says, “Just existing is just that, it’s not quality of life. Living is more [than that].” That’s why he is our October Patient of the Month.


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