Patient of the Month: Ben Hinkle

Ben Hinkle

We’re excited to announce Ben Hinkle is our June patient of the month.

Ben came to Genesis with a tricky situation. He had a frozen shoulder, which meant very poor range of motion and lots of pain. Ben says, “My left shoulder was difficult to move and when I did move it I had extreme pain. The nerves were being pinched by the bones.”

After working with Stacie, Ben says, “Now with the physical therapy and the cortisone shot I have full range of motion and no pain. I am regaining my strength daily.”

Stacie had nothing but high praise for Ben’s tenacity and commitment to his treatment plan. Stacie says, “He was very diligent with his physical therapy and home therapy and is now back to full and painless range of motion.”

As for Ben, he wrote: “I would like to thank Stacie for the time she took with me and being gentle with the shot. She took her time and explained all my concerns.”

Patient of the Month is a new initiative where we highlight success stories within our patient community. There’s always too many to choose, but we’re grateful for the opportunity to have come alongside Ben for his orthopedic challenges and look forward to serving more folks like him!


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