Glenohumeral Joint Injury

Glenohumeral Joint Injury


Instability of the glenohumeral joint is a common disorder of the shoulder. Trauma, repetitive motions or frequent dislocations of the shoulder joint as a child or as an adult can lead to this condition. The glenohumeral joint is one of the most mobile joints in the human body. Because of this, what it gains in mobility it lacks in stability. The humerus or upper arm bone rests in the socket of the shoulder blade called the glenoid. Instability occurs when there is abnormal symptomatic motion of the glenohumeral joint, and can occur from many different possibilities. Sufferers of glenohumeral joint instability typically complain of “loose shoulder”, pain, soreness, and/or hypermobility. Symptoms typically worsen with specific arm movements, such as overhead activities, carrying heavy items, throwing a baseball or swimming.

Treatment Options:

Bracing Bracing may be used as a temporary stabilizing measure or as an adjunct to surgery, depending on the situation or sport to which an athlete wants to return. Physical Therapy Consult Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine for a recommended physical therapy plan. Therapy is conducted with the goal of decreasing glenohumeral joint pain, restoring the shoulder’s proper range of motion, and helping it gradually regain strength. Surgery The humerus, or upper arm bone, fits into the glenoid socket, the fibrous tissues that surround the rim of the socket are called the labrum. When injury occurs to the labrum a labral tear may result. Tears can occur either above or below the glenoid socket. Tears below the genoid socket are most commonly associated with shoulder instability Laser-Hair-Removal.ca. Surgery is typically a last resort measure and is performed arthroscopically. During surgery the ligaments are reattached to tighten the shoulder socket and improve overall shoulder laxity. Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine will assess the severity of the tear before determining if surgery is the best option.

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