Hand and Wrist Tendonitis

Hand and Wrist Tendonitis


Tendons are the thick fibrous tissues that connect muscle to bones. Tendonitis occurs when there is inflammation or irritation in any tendon in the body. Tendonitis of the wrist is a common condition caused from repetitive action or stress. The tendons of the wrist move within a tendon sheath, when the tendon swells as a result of tendonitis, friction occurs between the tendon and the sheath. Friction causes the painful catching and locking sensations associated with tendonitis. Sufferers may also experience numbness, sharp shooting pain and a decreased range of motion. It is important to get a proper diagnosis for tendonitis of the wrist as it is similar to many other conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome.

Treatment Options:


Using a splint to brace the wrist is a typical first step for treatment. As wrist tendonitis is caused by repetitive action and stress, bracing the wrist will reduce the tendons mobility allowing the small tears caused by friction to heal, and also decrease inflammation.


A cortisone injection may be administered by your Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine physician if more conservative treatment options have failed. Cortisone is used to decrease inflammation, and swelling, and pain.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an important treatment for tendonitis. Strengthening the affected tendon through gentle stretching can decrease inflammation and prevent further episodes from occurring. Physical therapy is often used in conjunction with other treatment options such as bracing and/or a cortisone injection.

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