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Dr. Alonzo Sexton

About Dr. Alonzo Sexton

Dr. Alonzo Sexton has over 17 years of experience in sports medicine and orthopedic surgery. He believes that “our job is to help patients find what they’ve lost.” Whether that’s getting them back to work, a sport they love or even just being able to play with their grandkids, Orthopedics is a specialty designed to improve quality of life. A huge part of what determines an individuals overall health are their behaviors (i.e. exercise, diet, and smoking). He believes we have an obligation to encourage our patients to live active lives and achieve the recommended levels of exercise (150 minutes /week). Dr Sexton serves as a second opinion physician for the NFL Players Association, was awarded Castle Connolly Top Doc award in 2023, and has been team physician for the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, and Clark Atlanta University. He is passionate about technology as a subject matter expert in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. He also has a passion for alleviating health disparity in communities in need. He is ready to get to work to further the Genesis Ortho mission!

Educational Background

BA, Stanford University
MD, Emory University

Clinical Interests

– Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair
– All Inside ACL Reconstruction
– Patellofemoral Stabilization
– Remote Patient Monitoring
– Shoulder Replacement

Awards & Accolades

– Leadership Georgia Board of Trustees
– Herndon Directors Institute 2021
– Leadership Atlanta Class of 2021 Leadership Georgia Program Chair 2018
– Leadership Georgia Class of 2017
– Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity (Delta Psi) President 2015-17


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Labib S, Sexton A. Results of Osteochondral Autograft Transplantation and Arthroscopic Drilling in the Treatment of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus. Presented at 2003 GA Orthopedic Society Meeting and Alabama Sports Medicine Institute Meeting.

Sexton A, Boden S, Grant T, Turki H, Titus L. The Effects of Rat Hindlimb Suspension on the Expression of Bone Morphogenetic Protein mRNA. Presented at 2001 Research Day

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Sexton A, Fleming L. Lower Extremity Amputations: In, Medical Management of the Surgical Patient. Fourth Edition, 2003 pgs 741-44. 


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