Hip Pain Treatment

Hip pain treatment is an important matter, not to be taken lightly. 

So – how do you research hip pain treatment?

Quality research into hip pain treatment starts by evaluating our Patient Education section, specifically the Hip section. Look through each problem to identify whether your hip pain resembles any of these issues. That may give you some clues as to the direction your treatment may go.

But hip pain treatment doesn’t end with cursory self-research.

Hip Pain Treatment

Hip pain treatment truly happens when our medical team has the opportunity to evaluate your condition, through a dedicated appointment (whether in-person or via telemedicine) at one of our several locations in Chicago. Our seasoned medical expertise can help you identify the best route for hip pain treatment, always seeking alternatives to surgery before recommending a surgical approach.

Hip pain treatment starts at Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine – so book your appointment today!

What to expect during an appointment


Careful diagnosis from expert providers.

Care plan

A thorough plan of care.

Treatment options

Clear next steps for treatment options.

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You may be asking yourself how to treat hip pain. While there’s an abundance of material on the Internet for hip physical therapy, oftentimes these self-directed approaches don’t get at the real issue. Before trying hip physical therapy, visit Genesis in and around Chicago to get a proper diagnosis. If hip physical therapy is the most appropriate next step, we’ll be the first to tell you that (we always reserve surgery as a last-step measure). But sometimes hip physical therapy isn’t enough, and without a clear diagnosis, it’s impossible for you to know how to solve the issue next.

Treatment for hip pain doesn’t always mean surgery. It can often mean treatment for hip pain that involves physical therapy or other non-surgical treatments. But treatment for hip pain is always best when performed in tandem with dedicated medical advice from seasoned experts, like at Genesis. By trusting us with your care, we’ll ensure that your treatment for hip pain is always what’s best for you, with the quickest recovery time so you’re back in shape and ready for anything!

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