Healthcare Administration Leadership Program

The Program is hosted by Genesis Orthopedics for aspiring medical providers or administrators. Participants will gain comprehensive education and experience in all aspects of healthcare administration. The program can be tailored to your interests and expertise over time. Additional educational opportunities, such as weekly book discussions, are included in the program to enhance your understanding of the context and challenges of high-value healthcare. Job description ranges from special projects across a variety of subjects, to getting in the weeds of healthcare administration with more data-oriented projects. Qualified applicants will be a current student (undergraduate or masters), ideally focused on entering the medical space in some capacity (whether as a provider or administrator).

We look first and foremost at values-alignment in prospective candidates (see our Mission page for more details about our work). Candidates should be interested in working toward greater health equity in the orthopedic space in Chicago, and learning about the challenges and opportunities associated with delivering affordable healthcare to underserved populations.

To apply directly (without going through a job board) please email cnguyen@genesisortho.com.


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