Genesis Health Equity Fund

The Genesis Health Equity Fund exists to support ongoing projects by Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. These projects are always connected to fulfilling our mission of access to care for all (not just the lucky few with the right commercial insurance). Presently the Genesis Health Equity Fund supports two projects:
  1. Care for indigent communities that cannot, by themselves, afford care. This initiative is a mechanism to enable Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine to facilitate top-notch orthopedic and sports medicine care to those with injuries and ailments who cannot afford care and lack public insurance (Medicaid, Medicare). If you or a loved one are a patient in need of financial support, please call our office at 877-377-1188 for further instructions on how to apply for financial assistance with care.
  2. Health Equity Leadership Forum. This is an event series and community focused on driving forward important conversations around how health equity can actually be advanced in the United States.
Click here to donate to projects supported by the Genesis Health Equity Fund.

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