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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I be in a lot of pain after surgery?

A. Pain levels vary with each person. Expect some discomfort. You have been given a narcotic-based pain medication. Take this regularly as directed for maximum effect. It is best to take this 2 hours before or after a meal. You may also be given an anti-inflammatory. This is to be taken once daily or as directed. You can expect mild to moderate nausea after general anesthesia and as a side effect from any narcotic. If this becomes severe we can call in a prescription for you. Please call us. Elevate the extremity as often as possible while sitting to minimize swelling. You may apply ice for 20 minutes every 2 hours.

Q. How should I care for the dressing/bandage?

A. Keep your dressing dry and intact. We will remove or change it when you come to the office. Some drainage will likely appear on your dressing. If the area appears to trickle please call the answering service.

Q. What will my level of activity be when I get home?

A. Dr. Shadid will discuss this with you after surgery.

Q. When can I take a shower or bath?

A. With any arthroscopy you may shower once sutures or staples have been removed.  After we remove the dressing and any sutures or staples we will apply adhesive strips.  Expect these to loosen and come off over a period of several days as the incision is healing.  If you must take a shower or bath before your staples or sutures have been removed,  please keep the area dry.

Q. Should I be concerned about infection?

A: Post-operative infections are rare but the signs are as follows:

  • Increased redness at the incision
  • Warmth and increased pain around incision
  • Pus or greenish drainage from incision
  • Body temperature over 101.5 o F

Q. When will I start physical therapy and when can I drive?

A. This depends on your surgery. Dr. Shadid will discuss this with you at your first post-op appointment.

Q. When is my first Post-Op appointment?

A. When your surgery is scheduled, you will then choose a time for your first post-operative appointment which will likely be within 1-3 days following surgery.

Need more beyond these frequently asked questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 630-377-1188 or call our 24-hour Answering Service at 630-260-2483.