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Clinical Research

Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine emphasizes clinical research given our emphasis on technologically advanced care for all of our patients. We concentrate on orthopedic research, helping to study the safety and effectiveness of new procedures and treatments. Overall we seek to participate in the process that contributes to medical research and makes revolutionary new products and treatments possible.

A little about our studies: clinical research studies are biomedical, device, or health-related studies that involve patients with a targeted diagnosis. Depending on the specific study, there are usually multiple sites nationally or internationally participating in a particular study. Sites are carefully selected based on state-of-the-art diagnostic and facility criteria and by the commitment demonstrated by the physicians involved in top quality patient care—so our high standards are a prerequisite for participating in clinical research studies.

Being in a clinical trial offers great benefits to patients. By participating in national and international clinical research studies at the Phase II-IV levels, Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine has access to new treatment options for patients on a local level who have not experienced improvement through other treatments.

Overall study participants gain access to new research treatments before FDA approval or availability, receive more services, are assessed more frequently, and have a more active role in their health care. Participating in a research study offers financial as well as health benefits, especially for those patients with high co-pays or who do not have healthcare coverage. All laboratory, medication, and physician costs specific to the study are covered for the patient participant by the entity conducting the study.

Participate in our clinical studies:
Multiple Studies Are Active and Enrolling
If interested, please call our orthopedic research department at 630-491-1900 or email research@genesisortho.com
Physician: Hythem Shadid, MD
Description: Various studies exploring pain reduction and increase in joint function.
Contact: Nikita Kanal, 630-491-1900 or email research@genesisortho.com
Osteoarthritis (OA) is a type of arthritis that occurs when the flexible tissue at the ends of bones thins and wears down. It is a very common joint disease, affecting an estimated 3 million Americans. It is one of the most frequently cited causes for disability in older people. Symptoms vary greatly depending on the person and the severity of arthritis, but the most universally common symptom is joint pain and decreased mobility. While there is no cure for osteoarthritis, there are treatment options available to reduce pain and improve joint function.
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Grating sensation
  • Bone spurs

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