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Personalized ACL reconstructive surgery that makes you feel that same strength from before your injury


Your knee has four main ligaments, all providing key roles in your free and full movement. They connect the femur (thighbone) to the tibia (shinbone). The posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), medial collateral ligament (MCL), and lateral collateral ligament (LCL) all provide critical stability and control of the knee as you use it in your daily movement. The primary ligament is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This ligament is located in the middle of the knee and it is designed to control the rotation and forward movement of the shin bone, and it is critical to your functioning at the highest level.

The ACL is the anterior cruciate ligament. It is one of the ligaments critical to stabilizing the knee joint, specifically connecting the femur and thighbone to the tibia and shinbone. ACL tears are generally due to athletic movement, where you are forced to undergo quick changes in direction. Pivoting with a planted foot or taking a direct blow to the knee are other ways to cause an ACL tear. Although some people can still walk with a torn ACL, it is very challenging to live your life to the fullest, and here at Genesis we want to ensure you have access to the highest quality of life. We want to be a part of your journey to freely moving once again. 

 Ligaments are extremely strong and durable bands of tissue that connect muscle to bone or tendon. Ligaments are critical to athletic movement and having stability throughout your daily movement. With two ligament tears, it can become nearly impossible to complete daily activities like walking around your home, getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, or any other kind of normal movement you should expect from your body. One ligament tear puts you at increased risk of being in such a vulnerable situation. We, at Genesis, want to bring you back to being yourself. With a knee injury, especially, a ligament injury can create significant challenges to the kind of movement you would normally expect from yourself. At Genesis, we understand the challenges this poses and are fully committed to helping you live your life to the fullest.  

ACL reconstructive surgery is the most effective and efficient solution that Genesis provides for repairing a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Using a graft tendon from another part of the body, we can bring you back to moving like you’ve always expected. Most commonly, autografts from your tendon of the kneecap or hamstring is used, not taking anything away from your ability to use those tendons. Your orthopedic surgeon will precisely drill tunnels into the thighbone or shinbone to correctly place the graft, securing it to the bone. This graft will serve as the basis for future ligament growth and return to normalcy. The pain you’ve come to expect doesn’t have to be the norm. It can stop. You can feel the same strength and stability you had before your injury. Using our advanced imaging techniques, precise reconstruction, and enhanced therapy model, Genesis is able to provide high quality affordable care to empower you to move freely. Our experienced orthopedic surgeons have both training and skill with completing ACL reconstructive surgeries, and are able to produce some of the best results. Combined with our advanced techniques and technology, Genesis separates itself as the choice for anyone seeking ethically-priced ACL surgery. 

Who is a good candidate for ACL reconstructive surgery? The best candidate is an athlete who wants to continue playing their sport, especially sports that involve pivoting, cutting, or stopping. This kind of surgery is also critical for anyone that has more than one torn ligament, a torn meniscus, or has significant knee instability that causes your knee to buckle during common daily activities.

Here at Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, we have some of the best medical technology in the world, and we know exactly what steps to take to ensure you have the best knee replacement experience possible. You’ll find the best ACL reconstructive recovery with Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

"Thank you for seeing and caring for our daughter, Janie on such short notice. She felt so comfortable with you and you were a great encouragement to her."

“You’re so kind! You’re so skilled! You’re so helpful! You’re so needed! Thank you for putting me back together. Thank you so much for helping me feel better.”

"I just want to thank you for a wonderful job on my shoulder and bicep muscle. Your staff is A-1 in my book."

Bringing back mobility into your life, without the pain

It happens! One wrong move, and suddenly you feel like you will never be able to move the same agin. It doesn’t have to be that way, and here at Genesis we are committed to empowering you to move freely again. 

And that’s exactly what we’re about at Genesis: restoring your ability to move freely in your body, without the pain. Restoration is one of the gifts the medical profession can provide to the world—true restoration of your mobility.

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"What should I expect after a ACL surgery?"

"Correctly-performed surgery by expert medical professionals is the key to everything here"

A typical patient should expect:

  • You will feel tired and have swollen knees for several days (can use ice to reduce swelling)
  • Should regain range of motion equal to that of your opposite knee within first few weeks of surgery
  • Long-term results of ACL surgery depend on your work in rehabilitation
  • Physical rehabilitation may take several months to a year, where you can slowly ramp up normal activities
  • More physical activities, such as sports, may take at least 6 months to return comfortably

Here at Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, your care and comfort are top priorities for us. With our leading ACL surgery model and post-surgery care, we are able to provide care that significantly reduce the need for another surgery or residual knee pain/instability. We provide clear instructions on how to reduce swelling, proper care to prevent infection, and medications to reduce pain. Our model of care is geared around preventing two primary causes of dissatisfaction for ACL reconstructive surgery, which are: (1) Residual pain due to improper surgery; (2) Slow recovery time/healing; By using advanced imaging technologies, we can ensure the graft is precisely placed and significantly limit the damage to surrounding parts of our knee. Altogether this reduces any residual pain and decreases recovery time/chance of infection. We will walk you through this process to help you feel as comfortable as we are in improving your ability to live life freely.

"This place is AMAZING! I LOVE these guys!!! Best at everything!!!"

"The whole team at Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is as professional as they get! My appointments are timely and informative. They excel at explaining the diagnosis and the treatment. They are such a happy group of people – I look forward to going to the office and being taken care of... Really love Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine!"

Just a few weeks from now, you can begin to move with the same energy you had decades ago.

With our modernized ACL reconstructive surgery model, you can have the energy and strength you haven't moved in years. You will be able to explode in sports you'd previously quit due to pain, and enjoy the active and healthy lifestyle that you deserve.

You are right around the corner from ACL reconstructive surgery. Our high-quality care and ethical-pricing are what makes Genesis unique and undergirds our promise to ensure your ACL recovery is as smooth as possible.

You could be a 15 minute screening away from giving your body what it has always been asking for – the ability to move freely again.

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We follow a rigorous protocol designed by our doctors to ensure that our clinic is COVID-safe. Every surface is disinfected, and you will have contact only with your doctor or physician assistant during your visit.

Our three-step approach to customized ACL reconstructive surgery

Our work consists of three simple steps: evaluation, treatment, and recovery.

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Quick understanding of the nature of your problem

First you book an appointment to determine with our expert medical team what exactly the nature of your knee pain is. With this understanding, we can create a plan of care moving forward, and determine if knee replacement is necessary.

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If surgery is necessary, we perform surgery

Our goal isn’t to perform as many surgeries as possible. Our goal is simply to match the best path of care with your unique problem. But if surgery is required for a comprehensive solution to your problem, we go ahead and schedule surgery, accommodating your schedule and needs first and foremost

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Post-op recovery is simple and painfree

Our promise to you is that you’ll walk out of surgery on your own two legs, pain-free, with a plan for post-operative physical therapy that will strengthen your knees and facilitate a full total knee replacement recovery

Your knee pain could be
gone for good

Get in touch with us today to book your first appointment to determine the nature of your knee problem and discuss a total knee replacement. We're happy to explain in further detail how the process works and if it might be a good fit for you. (And of course, if surgery isn't the best course of treatment, we'll be the first to recommend an alternative treatment that may be more effective!).

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    We follow a rigorous protocol designed by our doctors to ensure that our clinic is COVID-safe. Every surface is disinfected, and you will have contact only with your doctor or physician assistant during your visit.

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