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Your finger consists of many joints, tendons, bones, and muscles working hand in hand to help you complete daily actions like taking out the trash or typing on a computer. Behind the scenes, your flexor tendons are working to bend your fingers when the muscles of your forearm contract. These long wire-like structures pass through your palm and fingers, all while being covered by the tendon sheath. The tendon sheath allows the flexor tendon to glide smoothly across your fingers as they bend and straighten. But sometimes, this normal movement can become painfully prevented with trigger finger, and we at Genesis want to help solve this pain and bring you back to being mobile.

Trigger finger is an extremely painful and limiting condition that arises as a result of inflammation of the A1 pulley. The A1 pulley is one of many pulleys that comprise the tendon sheath. The pulleys serve the purpose of keeping the flexor tendon in place and supporting smooth movement of the tendon and fingers. However, when the A1 pulley is inflamed, it becomes harder for flexor tendon  to glide through the pulley, causing the tendon to also become inflamed. This leads to a very painful popping sensation when the inflamed tendon moves through the inflamed A1 pulley. Sometimes even, the finger is no longer able to move from the bent position and is stuck.

What does trigger feel like? How can you tell if you might be suffering from it? There’s a handful of symptoms that might point in the direction of trigger finger. A small lump at the base of your finger or on your palm could indicate trigger finger. Another common symptom is a catching or popping sensation, or pain when bending/straightening your finger. This may not be the result of a single injury, but could be the result of extensive hand usage, especially with activities related to grasping fine objects. 


What can be done about this limitation on your movement? One option is a trigger finger release. This is a low-risk surgery, with two primary options for the method of your surgery. The first option is a percutaneous release. This non-operative method uses an anesthetic and an ultrasound machine to guide a needle to break up constricting tissue around the tendon sheath. This has a shorter recovery time than the more intensive open surgical release, but this procedure may not be as applicable for complicated or severe trigger finger conditions. The open surgery trigger finger release method once again uses a local anesthetic and requires the surgeon to make a small incision on the palm of your hand. Using this small incision, they can then cut through the tendon sheath to make space for the tendon. Both procedures have a very low risk of complication, and can be the first step to bringing you back to normal and using your hands like you truly need. At Genesis, we want to help you along this path to feeling strong and confident again in your fingers.

Who is at risk of getting trigger finger release? Many factors may put you at higher risk of developing this condition, such as repetitive forceful gripping use of the fingers or medical conditions like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Trigger finger is also more common in women than men. 

Who is a good candidate for trigger finger release? The best candidate is someone who has had unsuccessful non-surgical interventions, like medication, exercise, and rest. 

Here at Génesis Ortopedia y Medicina Deportiva, we know exactly what steps to take to ensure you have the best trigger finger release experience possible. Using our world-class medical technology and wealth of surgical experience, we promise that your procedure will both put you on the path to improving your condition, but also be ethically priced.

"Thank you for seeing and caring for our daughter, Janie on such short notice. She felt so comfortable with you and you were a great encouragement to her."

“You’re so kind! You’re so skilled! You’re so helpful! You’re so needed! Thank you for putting me back together. Thank you so much for helping me feel better.”

"I just want to thank you for a wonderful job on my shoulder and bicep muscle. Your staff is A-1 in my book."

Bringing back the strength in your hands, without the pain you're accustomed to

Just like your car wears out from natural usage, your fingers and the many components that are a part of their movement wear out from doing the things you love all day long. This is not your fault! We want to bring you back to doing the things you love everyday. 

And that’s exactly what we’re about at Genesis: restoring your ability to move freely in your body, without the pain. Restoration is one of the gifts the medical profession can provide to the world—true restoration of your mobility.

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"What should I expect after a trigger finger release?"

"Correctly-performed surgery by expert medical professionals is the key to everything here"

A typical patient should expect:

  • To be out of surgery within an hour or two
  • The affected hand to be swollen for a few days
  • To keep the hand elevated and use ice therapy or anti-inflammatory pain medications shortly after the procedure
  • To return to work within a few days to 2 weeks
  • The incision to heal within a few weeks
  • It may take a few months to completely resolve all swelling and stiffness
  • 97% of patients completely resolve all symptoms

Here at Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, we are completely committed to your care and comfort. We shape our treatment plan to ensure we reduce complications and our patients are happy with their increased mobility.  Our experienced surgeons use modern technology in our open-surgery method to ensure the most effective, pain free, and long-lasting solution to your trigger finger. Common complications we work to prevent is stiffness in the finger, swelling at the site of surgery, or minor numbness. However, we work to reduce these complications and recovery time with our thorough procedural plan that ensures accuracy of the trigger finger release. During a quick 15 minute consultation with our medical staff, we can walk you through the entire procedure and help you feel as confident as we are in its success.

"This place is AMAZING! I LOVE these guys!!! Best at everything!!!"

"The whole team at Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is as professional as they get! My appointments are timely and informative. They excel at explaining the diagnosis and the treatment. They are such a happy group of people – I look forward to going to the office and being taken care of... Really love Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine!"

In just a few weeks, you could be using your fingers like you're used to

With our individualized trigger finger release, you can enjoy relief from that nagging pain in your fingers. We can help bring you back to doing the daily activities you are accustomed to, all while feeling confident in your fingers.

You are right around the corner from high quality and ethically priced trigger finger release. Our commitment to high-quality ethically-priced care is what makes Genesis unique and is the basis of our promise to ensure your procedure is as smooth and successful as possible.

If you want to put that to the test, book a screening now.

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We follow a rigorous protocol designed by our doctors to ensure that our clinic is COVID-safe. Every surface is disinfected, and you will have contact only with your doctor or physician assistant during your visit.

Our three-step approach to customized trigger finger release

Our work consists of three simple steps: evaluation, treatment, and recovery.

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Quick understanding of the nature of your problem

First you book an appointment to determine with our expert medical team what exactly the nature of your finger pain is. With this understanding, we can create a plan of care moving forward, and determine if trigger finger release is necessary.

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If surgery is necessary, we perform surgery

Our goal isn’t to perform as many procedures as possible. Our goal is simply to match the best path of care with your unique problem. But if surgery is required for a comprehensive solution to your problem, we accommodate your schedule and needs first and foremost when scheduling surgery.

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Post-op recovery is simple and painfree

Our promise to you is that you’ll walk out of surgery on the same day, with a concrete plan for post-operative recovery and therapy that will strengthen your fingers and facilitate a full recovery

Your finger pain could be
gone for good

Get in touch with us today to book your first appointment to determine the nature of your trigger finger problem and discuss a trigger finger release. We're happy to explain in further detail how the process works and if it might be a good fit for you. (And of course, if surgery isn't the best course of treatment, we'll be the first to recommend an alternative treatment that may be more effective!).

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    We follow a rigorous protocol designed by our doctors to ensure that our clinic is COVID-safe. Every surface is disinfected, and you will have contact only with your doctor or physician assistant during your visit.
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