Opportunity For Product Development Fellow

Seeking to put your CAD skills to the test in the medical space? Looking to go to medical school, or explore a career in healthcare product design? Have a background in bio-engineering, or bio-mechanical engineering?

جينيسيس لجراحة العظام والطب الرياضي is hiring a Product Development Fellow to work directly alongside our orthopedic team. In this role you will be mentored by our orthopedic surgeon as it comes to product design and development, observe orthopedic surgery in practice, and prototype product ideas as developed by our team. You will also develop deep connections in the field of orthopedics and product development.

We’re interested in bright, talented folks excited to contribute to medicine by extending the tools available to physicians and providers, from concept to design, from manufacturing to go-to-market. Must be capable of bringing projects to life from scratch and working both individually and in collaboration with a highly-regarded orthopedic surgeon in the Chicagoland area. Not necessary to relocate to Chicago – can work remotely.

Please contact ashadid@genesisortho.com if interested in learning more, or apply at this link.

We’re hiring for the fellowship on a rolling basis, not cohort-based, so regardless of time of year, if you’re interested please write us an email or apply at the link.

About Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

We’re providing greater equity to advanced orthopedic care in the Chicagoland area. By lowering care cost by 50% or more, while also improving care quality, we are expanding access to this deeply needed specialty service in some of the most underserved areas of Illinois, helping all people live life to its fullest. Our innovative care delivery model implements a heavy use of technology, including telemedicine, to achieve these goals. We’re innovative, passionate, and determined to bring justice to the healthcare system. Want to join us?  


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